Thursday, August 30, 2012

Win 8 Security System

Win 8 Security System

Today we saw a new rogue security application called Win 8 Security System being distributed.

This rogue belongs to Braviax/FakeRean rogue family, which is well known for their series of Chameleon Rogue

Screenshot of Fake/scare scanner page

When tested the fake/scare scanner page was pushing legitimate Windows 7 Calc.exe 

Screenshot of Win 8 Security System application

The latest rogue comes with a filter driver which protects the rogue security application's main file being knocked off from the memory.

Screenshot of Win 8 Security System webpage

The web page of Win 8 Security System web is a complete rip of SUPERAntiSpyware web site. They even have the same management team. 

Following is a small list of other Rogue security applications connected with the same IP as Win 8 Security System. You might also notice that these rogues comes with the brand name Windows Innovation Inc

Screenshot of Great Antispy 2012 application

Screenshot of Windows Security System application

Screenshot of Windows Security System application

Screenshot of Galileo System Cleaner application

Sites associated with the rogue campaign:

Stay away from these sites.

Bharath M N