Thursday, September 16, 2010

Readers voice your opinion

Readers voice your opinion

Lately due to some reasons the new rogue threats are not updated regularly on this blog. I am trying to catch up but with so many other sites keeping the list updated regularly, I am planning to stop updating this blog.

If any of you think otherwise and wants this rogue list updated (but not regularly as it was done earlier) pen down your comments.

Bharath M N

Friday, September 3, 2010

5 in 1: The Special Rogue Combo Campaign

5 in 1: The Special Rogue Combo Campaign

Recently we have seen a Trojan that displays a fake alert. Yes nothing new with fake alert but this Trojan displays alert that looks very similar to that of Microsoft Security Essentials Alert.

Screenshot of the fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert

This Trojan then leads the user to a webpage that displays 35 different security products. The list contains 30 Legitimate Security application and 5 rogue security applications.

With the usual scam tactics they show up that only the rogue security application can clean up the mess on your system.

The Rogue security applications offered by this campaign are:

AntiSpy Safeguard
Major Defense Kit
Peak Protection 2010
Pest Detector 4.1
Red Cross Antivirus

Screenshot of AntiSpy Safeguard application

Screenshot of Major Defense Kit application

Screenshot of Peak Protection 2010 application

Screenshot of Pest Detector 4.1 application

Screenshot of Red Cross Antivirus application

All these rogues have the same code under the hood with different splash screen and different rogue names.

If you are infected with any of these rogues follow the removal instructions posted on Bleeping Computer

Bharath M N