Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ghost Antivirus

Ghost Antivirus

I have a annoying little Ghost on my system.

Ghost Antivirus is a new rogue security application. This rogue comes from the same group who created Internet Antivirus Pro rogue security product.

The rogue uses a generic Fake/Scare scanner page to push the rogue

Screenshot of Ghost Antivirus home page

Screenshot of Ghost Antivirus application

Fake System Alert displayed by Ghost Antivirus

Screenshot of Ghost Antivirus payment page

Thanks to Sandi Hardmeier for the list of sites.

Sites Involved: Softwareanti com Softwarejar com Softwarerising com Softwaresecure net Softwarespyware net Softwarethe net Softwarethreats com Softwarethreats net Softwarexp net Softwarespam net Ghost-antivirus com Ghost-pay com Ghostantivirus com Ghostpays com Thesecurebill com Thesoftbill com

Stay away from all these sites.

Ghost Antivirus removal instructions here

Bharath M N

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