Saturday, August 8, 2009

All for One!

All for One!

While checking the different sites used by WiniFighter rogue campaign, we observed that this rogue uses many fake/scare scanner page templates which is/was used by different family of rogue security applications.

On one particular site we found 15 different fake/scare scanner pages.

Template 1:

Template 2:

Template 3:

Template 4:

Template 5:

Template 6:

Template 7:

Template 8:

Template 9:

Template 10:

Template 11:

Template 12:

Template 13: The Classic BSOD which is used by many rogue security applications. recent reports here and here

Template 14:

Template 15: This uses a look alike of KOS and more info

The download from this site displays Fake Windows Security center page and fake Security center alerts to lure users into purchasing
WiniFighter rogue application.

Bharath M N

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