Monday, July 27, 2009

Windows Antivirus Pro

Windows Antivirus Pro

Windows Antivirus Pro is a new rogue security application. This one is a new nasty clone from the ASC-AntiSpyware rogue family.

Windows Antivirus Pro rogue is distributed through fake code infection.

Screnshot of Windows Antivirus Pro application

They also place the following malicious BHO which displays annoying popups luring users to purchase the rogue security application.
O2 - BHO: ICQSys (IE PlugIn) - {F54AF7DE-6038-4026-8433-CC30E3F17212} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\dddesot.dll

The rogue also hijacks the desktop displaying the following warning message.

Due to the ransomware behavior of the rogue its much more difficult to remove the infection.

Try out the steps mentioned by Grinler on Bleepingcomputer to remove Windows Antivirus Pro infection.

Bharath M N

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