Friday, March 27, 2009

The Active Rogue Family

The Active Rogue Family

Currently Virusdoctor rogue security family is busy clonning its rogue security application.

First came Virusdoctor then it was VirusMelt and now its VirusAlarm which will be replaced by Ultra Antivir 2009.

We have also observed that this rogue family is housing its installers on Google Code. This was reported here and here

Currently the Google Code project housing Ultra Antivir 2009 is still active. Google Code Team has done a good job in taking down the malicious project in a short span of time.

Virusdoctor removal instructions here
VirusMelt    removal instructions here
VirusAlarm  removal instructions here
Ultra Antivir 2009 removal instructions here

Sites assosiated with the new rogues Virusalarm-scanvirus net    Virusalarmpro com    Ultraantivirus2009 com

Stay away from this rogue family.

Bharath M N

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