Thursday, July 17, 2008



Currently WinSpywareProtect is the most aggressively advertised rogue security application. The rogue is Zlobvertised, Spamvertised, Malvertised you just name it and definitely you can see an example of it.

Lately Edgar posted a screenshot of the Scare/Fake scanner page used by WinSpywareProtect.

The scammer are mimicking Google's Malware warning page to advertise WinSpywareProtect.

Reference links:
Site Name:
Ref: Scan .winspywareprotectscan .com/267/507/?q=

Download links:
Site name:
Ref: Dwl. wspdownload. com/load/setup_267_507_.exe

Be aware of this scam and stay away from these sites.

Bharath M N

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