Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Member to MalwareWipe Family

New Member to MalwareWipe Family

MalwareWar is new rogue security application from the MalwareWipe family. MalwareWar application is installed on the user system through Zlob Trojan programs, may be installed through exploits in the Windows Operating system and other dubious means.

Site Name:
IP Address:

Screenshot of Site

Once you install MalwareWar trial version on the system, the application mimics a system scan and reports large number of imaginary spyware infection. It then offers the user to buy the full version to remove the reported risks.

Screenshot of MalwareWar Application:

The installer from the site was scanned and here are the results:

VirusTotal Scan Result: 3/32 (9.38%)

Avast 4.7.1098.0 2008.03.24 Win32:Spycrush
Kaspersky 2008.03.25 not-a-virus:FraudTool.Win32.MalwareWipe.q
Sophos 4.27.0 2008.03.25 Sus/ComPack-C

Detection of the rogue is really poor stay away from this site.

Bharath M N

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