Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yet another site that is used to distribute Zlob Trojan; The site main page states that the domain is suspended; but surely is working as an active repository of Trojan files.

Usually the porn sites use the following fake alert to goad the user into downloading the fake video decoder.

Screenshot of the fake Error Message Box uses the IP Address:; Detection of the download from this site is really poor. Stay away from malicious porn sites.

Avoid the site and all its downloads…

The website's name reminds me of the collage days where in we coded in C-language :-)

if(You are sensible not to download and install codec promoted by porn site)
Your system is safe and you need not worry about the Zlob Trojan infection
Exit from the porn trap;

else if(you install the codec)
Welcome to the world of Zlob infected PC's;
The Trojan will make sure to make you have a terrible experience;
Use tool to remove the infection;
Make a promise never to install a codec pushed from a porn site;
Finally exit from the porn trap;

Wait until the bad guys comes up with a new trick to trap you;
goto CODE

Isn’t it a funny code :-)

Bharath MN

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