Sunday, November 4, 2007

AVSystemCare crazily spreading on Internet

AVSystemCare crazily spreading on Internet

AVSystemCare a well know Rogue security application is wildly spreading on the internet. The application was first sited around May 2007.

Screenshot of AVSystemCare application

The application is aggressively advertised by Zlob Trojans. When a System gets infected by a Zlob Trojan you might receive the following warning message or a similar warning message luring /confusing/goading users to purchase any one of the many AVSystemcare clone application.

Fake security alert displayed Zlob trojan

AVSystemcare scammers are busy cloning their website. Currently they have more than 300 cloned website that shares the same IP-ddress.

Below is the complete list of sites:


New Scam page of AVSystemCare

Avoid all the sites...

Bharath M N

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