Friday, October 5, 2007! Does this Protects your System?

This is a malicious Website which promotes Rogue Security application.

Usually all the users cannot access this website, the system infected by Zlob Trojan usually come up with website mimicking the online/windows security center luring /confusing/goading users to purchase any one of the Rogue Security application advertised in this website.

The website has a test page looks like windows troubleshooting/windows help page which mimics the troubleshooting steps and then finally ask users to use of the Rogue Security application to displayed in the page to fix the issue that they are facing.

This website promotes the following Rogue Security applications:

Menace Rescue
Trojans Filter
Antispyware Suite
Drive Cleaner
System Doctor
AntiWorm 2008

The Domain shares its IP with the following websites:

All the above listed sites are phony and distribute Rogue Security application.

Avoid all these sites and the application that it promotes.

Bharath M N

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